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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines will disregard your website if no one links to your website content. It’s time to change how things are arranged and place yourself ahead of the pack.

Why SEO?


To become known to the users that are already searching but can’t find you


To increase your website's visibility and branding.


To receive analytical reports about your website's visitors and improve your marketing insights.


To promote your business' credibility and trustworthiness.


To enhance your website structure, content, linking, site map, targeted keyword phrases, and to clean up your website code.


To maximize your internet marketing activities and ensure a great return on investment.

SMS (Short Message Service)

Spread the word about your business professionally. Speak about your products and services directly. Market offers and promotions effectively.

Market Your Business Instantly


Reaches the largest number of likely customers with a very cost-effective marketing solution.


Accesses customers’ mobile phones at anytime and anywhere.


Creates positive brand image among targeted clients.


Suitable for all types and sizes of businesses.

At Ertekaz, we know relevant marketing is effective marketing. So, we only send SMS messages to a certain list of numbers that could potentially be interested in your products and services.

SMS Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Your customers are already talking online – Get them talking about YOU!

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining customers and increasing website traffic or attention through social media websites such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. By using social media marketing, you will get the following benefits :


Improved brand loyalty and authority


Increase your website traffic and improve your website ranking in search engines


Increased brand recognition by existing on multiple networks


Access and interact with new, recent and old customers


Enrich the customer experience by receiving their inquiries, compliments or complaints and providing direct communication to show them care

A Wise Investment

Having profiles on social media websites decreases the cost paid for traditional marketing and, because it is more effective, generates more profits. Also, using paid advertising through Facebook and Twitter is relatively affordable compared with other types of marketing.

Expand Advertising with E-Mail Marketing

Integrate email marketing into your marketing strategy to increase sales and gain a competitive advantage. Inexpensive compared to other marketing channels, it provides a high rate of return on your investment. This powerful tool can be used to advertise upcoming events, exclusive deals, product updates, and sales promotions. An original method of internet marketing, our proven email marketing methods continue to provide a vital and important service to businesses of all sizes.

Ertekaz’s Targeted E-Mail Delivery:


Increases your potential customer base.


Delivers emails to the inbox not the junk folder.


Incites high open rates.


Attracts recipients with creative designs.


Increases traffic to your website.


Enhances credibility and boosts sales.

Email Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Paid Search Marketing, also called Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), enables you to buy advertisements that appear in the results of Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing. Your ads will appear at the top of search engine rankings based on the chosen keywords related to your business. It is a quick solution to promote your business and get an immediate return on your investment. The prices of PPC change over time according to the importance of a keyword, the competition of that keyword, and the amount of traffic being driven to that keyword over time.

How Does PPC Work?

We make PPC easy for you


Choose specific keywords to appear in your ad.


You only pay when your ad is clicked.


When people search for those keywords, your ad appears next to relevant search results.

And we do all the following for you


Setup and Installation


Google Analytics Integration


Keyword Research


Bidding & Reporting


Landing Page Optimization


Budget Management


Competitive Analysis


Beat Competitors with Instant Top Rankings


Website Analysis


Maximum ROI Management